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What We're About

We’ve felt for a while that the approach used in the recruitment industry needs to be updated to bring recruitment into the modern era. Outdated practices, a lack of care and a bad reputation, are just some of the things that need to change. We live in exciting times where disruptors are leading the way and rather than sit and moan about how things are, we decided to set up our own agency and show the market what can be done. Therefore, Foxtek was created.

We think that developers who choose to work with us on their assignments should be treated as a valued member of the Foxtek community, not just a meal ticket. Our own staff should want to come to work and feel that we, as the company’s leaders, have their best interests at heart, not just our own. Our clients should come back again and again, not because they must but because they love dealing with us.

Both of us feel strongly that if you treat your customers well and offer a quality service, you’ll leave people feeling valued.

Yes, mistakes will be made along the way. We’re all human at the end of the day! But we’ve found that customers understand this and appreciate an early admission of error and a quick, well thought out solution. Often, through these mistakes, the relationship grows even stronger.

We appreciate what you might be thinking – “Yeah that’s great guys, but talk is cheap”. You’re absolutely right, but we’re confident that through our hard work and dedication, we can show you what a modern recruitment agency should look like.

We look forward to working with you.

Yours Sincerely

Tom and Tom