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And The Results Are Out

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And The Results Are Out

Tom Page Python, PHP, Java...

The 2017 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey came out recently, a survey based on the information provided by 16,000 developers.

The answers were pretty unsurprising to be honest.

Financial Services occupies the driving seat in JavaScript usage, with 75% of developers using some sort of JavaScript tool.  Angular is the most popular framework in Finance, largely down to the fact that most financial institutions were early adopters of Angular 1 (Angular.JS) and due to their size, have commited to the Angular camp.  React is the framework of choice when it comes to Tech and the entertainment industry with Vue most used in advertising & marketing.

A sign of the times we live in was the fact that 90% of developers (that's 14,400!) were concerned about Code Security.

After JavaScript, the most popular backend tools were Java, PHP, C/C++ and Python.  Again, no surprise there.  What was more interesting is that Golang (the Go programming language) is seeing it's popularity rise quickly.

It'll be interesting to see the results for 18/19 as we're seeing Angular lose popularity with React become the framework of choice, with Vue.js increasing in popularity all the time.

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