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Node and React - A Perfect Partnership?

Node React

Node and React - A Perfect Partnership?

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A Survey from Stack Overflow claims the popularity of NodeJS has risen by over 400% since 2013 with over 200,000 Node.JS modules being added to the site.


It’s performance, versatility and reduced development time are just some of the reasons to use it.


However, it’s the impact Node JS might be having on the use of Frontend Technology that has peaked my interest.


Earlier this year, Ferenc Hámori  from Rising stack released some interesting feedback from their Node.JS readers.  Approximately 65% said they would use React.JS for Front end technology, with only 34% saying they would use Angular 2 and 31% use Vue.JS.


To read all of the article please go to the link




31% of the readers said they used Node.JS for API Development, so when you consider the benefits that React.JS has given to the Frontend side of this Development you start to see the relationship.


In fact, they dovetail perfectly. Both are rooted in Open-source technology; designed to deliver high performance levels as efficiently and as quickly as possible. 


Still not convinced?


Then please read this article from @DavidHerron who’s one of the leading supporters of Node.JS.


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