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2018: The Rise of Python

Carpet Python

2018: The Rise of Python

Tom Baker

It’s amazing to think that a programming language created in 1989, once considered too complex, is now 30 years later one of world’s most popular coding language. Whilst it's unlikely to ever dwarf Java or be used as an alternative to C++ for more complex projects, it seems that in 2018, Python is fit for purpose!  

If you consider the effects that the more simplified and efficient JavaScript languages of React and Vue have had on the Frontend Development side then the adoption of the more flexible and simple python programming language on the backend side seems an obvious one.

Throughout 2018 Foxtek has seen a gradual rise in Freelance and Permanent python positions. We see this trend continuing so if you're a client looking for Python Developers to support a new project or a candidate keen on using Python, then please get in touch.