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But Isn’t Infrastructure Always Critical?


But Isn’t Infrastructure Always Critical?

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Our current circumstances have only highlighted that strength of infrastructure can sustain flexibility (and productivity) in companies.

Now, more than ever, the need for both development and operations infrastructure needs to be managed compliantly with high availability.

We're fortunate to recruit in DevOps, which has had its importance underlined because of national reliance on home working infrastructure. The fact that we're unaware of how long this element of remote flexibility will be needed has highlighted the importance of critical infrastructure.

Last week I placed a Devops Engineer on a 6-month Freelance Role (congratulations to him!) in Amsterdam, purely because my client’s project needed extra help with their Critical Infrastructure. This was so that they could complete their complex development project with the team working remotely. Whilst part of this requirement existed before the Corona lockdown, effectively completing it through the medium of isolated working has been vital in light of current restraints.

Is it unreasonable to suggest that our current need for widespread remote working has highlighted vulnerabilities with the infrastructure of many companies? Should preparations have been made before? The good news is that Engineers I speak to every-day can help companies enable this, either now or in the future.

So what tools/skills will help Engineers ensure both high availability and security?

In the last 6 weeks, my requirements have been a mix of Security Infrastructure and the creation of Complex CI and CD pipelines. 

But a question to those reading this: What skills are going to be most in-demand next? What skills are vital to your development processes currently? Feel Free to message us directly with your thoughts :)

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