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What's the state of the Dutch Tech Scene & Why?

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What's the state of the Dutch Tech Scene & Why?

Tom Page

When speaking to a lot of our clients, the same question keeps popping up...

How's the Tech hiring scene looking right now in Amsterdam?

Our Answer - Busy!

We've been analysing why this is given the situation we all find ourselves in,


1. As the world becomes accustomed to remote working, Tech is playing a bigger part than ever before in how we all communicate, collaborate and learn.

2. A lot of fast-growing Tech Startups & Scale-Ups are making up for lost time when it comes to hiring. H1 this year consisted of everyone wondering how the hell you hire effectively in a global pandemic!

3. With everyone at home, people have more spendable income = growth for E-Commerce and payments companies of which Amsterdam have some of the best!

4. The Tech Community is unparalleled when it comes to creating innovative solutions to new challenges and has resulted in companies being able to pivot their offering extremely quickly = continued growth

5. Amsterdam remains one of the top global destinations for Tech Talent, pandemic or no pandemic

Obviously no one knows what's round the corner and 2021 could level it's own surprises on us all. However, so far this is a clear demonstration that the Dutch Tech Scene is incredibly resilient, even in unprecedented circumstances.