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Attention Hiring Managers - Unicorn Developers can be hard to find!


Attention Hiring Managers - Unicorn Developers can be hard to find!

ATTENTION HIRING MANAGERS - 'Unicorn' Developers can be very hard to find!

When companies are scaling, finding the right people is critical to success.

I speak to a lot of hiring managers who are ONLY looking for developers who tick every box on their job spec...

This often leads to frustration & increased time-to-hire, as finding perfect candidates or 'Unicorns' can be a huge challenge in such a competitive market!

So, how do I suggest managers tackle this?

- First, align internally with ALL stakeholders to establish what is needed & when it's needed by.

- Next, draw up a list of true KNOCKOUT criteria that candidates MUST have in order to function effectively in the role. ☑

- Then, establish and prioritise the 'BONUS POINTS' that would give them a head start in the role. 🚀

Anything else that they can learn or pick up easily? You guessed it, probably not a knockout criteria.

This should bring the following to your hiring process:

- Clear, calculated job requirements to identify RELEVANT candidates & establish which are the best match
- Opportunity to teach bonus skills to candidates your company's way

I guess the point I'm trying to make is;

It's unlikely you'll be able to find a Unicorn, so sometimes it's easier & better to mould one!