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Struggling to secure the tech talent you're looking for?

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Struggling to secure the tech talent you're looking for?

Are you failing to secure the level of talent you’re looking for?

Time & time again I see companies lose out on candidates because they choose other options in the market.

Often companies are too rigid in their hiring processes, causing awesome candidates to slip through their fingers.

Then, they wonder why they’re struggling secure the talent they need so desperately.

It can be for several different reasons including:

- Unnecessarily long interview processes.
- Indecisiveness toward candidates.
- Slow turnaround-time on feedback and next steps.

The Amsterdam tech scene is VERY competitive right now (yes, even during COVID!), so moving quickly is critical to avoid missing out on the top tech talent out there!

To ensure your recruitment process is effective & efficient, I recommend the following:

Align with all stakeholders on the importance of prompt, clear feedback.
Be Agile with your recruitment process; can the process be shortened or adapted to gain an edge for high-demand candidates?
Find an ‘A1’ Candidate? Don’t wait for a comparison - move quickly to cut out the competition and secure their services!

Hopefully with these tips, & adopting agility in your hiring strategy will ease the pain of missing out on excellent tech talent.