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Why are you still working with AngularJS?

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Why are you still working with AngularJS?

Tom Page

​We want our network's thoughts on working with AngularJS on current projects.

Developers regularly talk negatively about ‘legacy code’, and give it as a key preference to not work with AngularJS

Yet we still talk to developers happy to do it, and not limit their flexibility on Angular opportunities

We understand compared to the newer versions of Angular, AngularJS does feel pretty flawed.

Equally, we speak to ‘legacy developers’ who would like to learn the newer technologies but fear things like: 

Time management
Burn out

Already being pigeon-holed

So are you limiting your development by still working on Angular JS projects?

Or are you building value in your ability to work on a still in demand ‘legacy code’?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.