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How Did You Become A DevOps Engineer?

Dev Ops

How Did You Become A DevOps Engineer?

Tom Page Google Cloud, Azure, AWS...

How did you become a DevOps Engineer?
What advice would you give to someone choosing this path?
Read below for thoughts on avoiding mistakes made along the way

With a projected 24% growth in DevOps opportunities over the next 5 years, I'm building on my last post (if a DevOps background mattered) by finding out how people in my Network found the path to this glorious profession? Brief summary of options below:

Build a technology foundation - Usually Python, Linux or AWS

Linux seems to be the path of choice for many of the Engineers in my market. However, modern AWS/Azure tools are built onto Linux so learning direct technology tools will allow you to transition into this.

- Gaining a relevant certification - It isn't everything, but it helps

Just a few options: Docker Certified Associate, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Google's Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer, Hashicorp certified, Terraform Associate DevOps.

- Answering the key DevOps question - what problems can you solve

What do your skills and background allow you to help with? If you've come from a programming background, you're likely to be able to solve development problems/Sysadmin background will help you solve more System issues