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Five-legged sheep

5 Legged Sheep

Five-legged sheep

Huw Sensier

Sheep with five legs.

It's precisely why some companies in Amsterdam are struggling to hire good developers.

I'm finding that more and more hiring managers are setting unrealistic expectations of what they expect their new hires to have experience with.

I'm also seeing more and more posts on LinkedIn about job descriptions asking for it all.

For example, I've seen adverts for Fullstack Developers with equivalent experience in Frontend & Backend who also have excellent DevOps experience.

3 for the price of 1?

You're searching for a five-legged sheep.

I believe the cause of this is tight budgets; some companies either can't or don't want to pay for the exact expertise the hiring managers need.

However, if this is the case, companies need to realise that they have to scale back their expectations to find someone to join the team and help grow the company.

I also have many examples where someone was hired who didn't tick all the boxes on the "job description" but has made an incredible impact.

Keen to hear my network's thoughts on this.

Do you agree that unrealistic expectations are the main reason why some companies are struggling to hire?

Or, do you think it boils down to something else?