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Junior Developers should specialise in Angular! Here’s why!

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Junior Developers should specialise in Angular! Here’s why!

Tom Page

We've had the pleasure of sourcing Junior/Medior JavaScript roles recently.

It’s meant we've had in-depth conversations with JavaScript Front-enders, who haven’t committed to one specific framework yet.

In the Angular vs React vs Vue debate, here are the three primary arguments for Angular - from the discussions we've had over the past 2 weeks:

  • It’s Built on typescripts: creates comfortability which counters the steeper learning curve compared to React and Vue.

  • Opinionated framework: Once you’re in, you’re in! And it’s easier to pick up each other’s code.

  • RXJS: Gives you the power with minimal code.

In conclusion, there are clear accessibility benefits once past the higher entry threshold with Angular.

Plus the opportunity that comes with the sheer amount of companies using the platform in 2021 (20.6% in the Netherlands).

We want to know our Network’s thoughts on this

Does angular still have its benefits over React and Vue, if so, what are they?