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Top Tips of Recruitment Billing Managers


Top Tips of Recruitment Billing Managers

Tom Baker

#management is one of the hardest jobs in any industry. Here are some of the things I learned from being a#billing#managerin#recruitment👇

Effective communication – Keep your messaging direct and simple 📣

Prepare for meetings/training sessions – Have a session plan so that you maintain a level of structure. Important conversation planned? Run through what you’re going to say, questions that might come up, and how you’re going to deliver that message before the meeting starts 🤝

Analysis – Data/Stats/MBRs are completely useless and ineffective unless you take time to analyse the results. Your job (particularly early on) is to help your staff digest that information and create development points 💹

Measuring success – Management is a lot of things so try not to be too binary and just deal in how many jobs, interviews or deals your member of staff is doing early on in their careers. Monitoring and assessing competency is pivotal to understanding the level of success an individual is having or might have in the future, so if someone’s making improvements and getting better at the job then this can be enough 📚

Mentality – Early on in your management career can be a lot of trial and error. You’re seeing what does and doesn’t work with your training sessions, messaging, management of different personality types. Be open to this process and you’ll start to find patterns/trends/techniques that start to work for you (Be patient) 🧠

Listen – Learn from anyone in ANY industry that has tread the path of management. However, make sure you’re taking notes because they’ll be a lot of them! 👂

Humility – Sometimes you will get decisions wrong or your messaging will be off. We’re all guilty of this so own your mistakes and communicate this with your staff. Also, you no doubt know a thing about recruitment and you’ve had a few successes 😉 We all know the classic “One time, I had this situation where?” opener but talk about some of your failures as well. Keep some balance ⚖

Rewards – If you’re in management to just make more money and purely further your career then you’re going to struggle. You’re also going to struggle with the idea of fulfillment because, for me, management is a vocation and should be far more about the development of an individual rather than the monetary reward that's attached to this.

Hope this helps.

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