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Work for a market leader or future market leader❓🤔

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Work for a market leader or future market leader❓🤔

Which is more fun❓

Here's the thoughts of a developer I've been working with that's had experience in both 👇

"When I worked for a market leader I had the satisfaction of knowing I was affecting a huge userbase with my code 👩‍💻

My friends and ex-colleagues were impressed by my job as they'd used the product extensively 🙌

However, production could be slow - the impact of features could have a huge knock-on effect and potentially damage our reputation 💭

At times it felt like the company were reluctant to innovate or embrace technical/product changes spearheaded by the developers 🤚

At an aspiring market leader, I've found that I'm able to impact the product and drive new features 🚀

The prospect of helping the company and product grow is both satisfying and potentially lucrative with share options 🤑

Even though friends/ex-colleagues haven't heard of us yet, it's exciting to be able talk about what makes us different and the impact I'm having 💪

I've been able to implement some of the structure and processes I found effective at previous companies and colleagues look to me to help inform the direction ↗"

What's been your experiences working for market leaders OR aspiring market leaders❓