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How We're Different

Here at Foxtek, we feel we've got loads to offer.  However, we also know we're not the only Tech agency out there!

Here's some features about our service that should make Foxtek your 1st choice for IT recruitment:

Common Sense

Sounds obvious right? We'd like to think so, but we've found most clients find this lacking from their service.

Like receiving the CV of a candidate that has all the skills out there apart from that key essential experience you asked for ?#@*&%!

Or finding out once you've made an offer that the candidate has to commute 3 hours each way and has a 3 week holiday right at the time when you've got a project deadline.

If this sounds familiar, trust us, you're not alone.  Here at Foxtek, we want to introduce a bit of common sense to recruitment.  We'll ask you sensible questions and act on the answers to ensure you're not left feeling frustrated.

Market knowledge

We like to work in markets where finding a suitable candidate is tough. It often tends to be the point of difference between an average recruiter and a really good one.

Each consultant at Foxtek specialises in a specific field, such as Front-End Development or Embedded software and works within a specific location. This means they can build meaningful relationships with relevant candidates.  We also target our consultants to know the top 20 candidates currently job hunting in their sector and the best 5 candidates in each major location of their patch. We call them Platinum candidates.

How does this benefit you, the client?  By doing the hard work of finding the best candidates BEFORE we receive your vacancy, we can ensure that you see the very best the market has to offer within the shortest possible time frame, usually less than 4 hours! 

We feel this offers our clients a pro-active, value-added alternative to the lazy recruiter approach, which basically consists of posting a job advert and sending you all the responses.  At the end of the day, you could just do that yourself!


Never has security and compliance been more important than it is now.  Here at Foxtek, we make sure that we operate in a responsible manner, from ensuring all our freelancers meet our compliance checks before starting their new role to meeting the demands of the new GDPR guidelines.

And Finally...

That Human Element

Surely there's a bit more time before robot's take over recruitment, we hope so anyway. Our aim is to make sure our clients feel like they're talking to a human being, not a computer.  Customer care is at the very centre of everything that happens at Foxtek, as is building great, long lasting relationships.  It's pretty obvious that if our client's enjoy working with us, they'll come back time and time again.