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Foxtek acts as a specialist Tech Talent Partner to some of the Netherlands' most exciting companies. We help to scale and strengthen engineering teams and enable companies to achieve ambitious growth goals, critical to their advancement and future success. We do this by providing a complete Talent Solution, from initial advice & hiring roadmap design, through to execution. All the while, identifying & match-making the best local Talent out there. Geographically we focus solely on the Randstad region. The Netherlands is one of the hottest destinations for Tech Talent globally and we relish the opportunity to work alongside amazing companies and the awesome teams within them. So whether you're a potential client, who needs a Talent Partner with the know-how to deliver for your development team in this challenging market, or a candidate, looking for an agency to support you with your search... we're here to help.





  • When I was looking for a new position, Tom Page approached me and I can say without doubt, is someone I can rely on. Not only did he provide multiple great positions (senior frontend developer) but he also managed all the communications between me and his clients. This meant I only had to concentrate on doing the interview. There was regular communication at a time that was convenient for me, so finding a new role was a good experience and I would definitely consider working with him again.

    Raju Maher
  • Tom (Baker) is one of my favorite recruiters. It took me some time to get used to his direct and open communication style. But I now see the benefits of this no-nonsense approach to recruitment. He is very fast, keeps his promises and has an excellent network. Great work Tom!

    Gabor De Mooij
  • Absolutely amazing service. I received a job offer within two weeks from the moment I was contacted by Foxtek. Working in the tech industry in the Amsterdam area, I know it can be quite overwhelming getting contacted by several different recruiters at the same time, so don't make this mistake. If you get contacted by Foxtek, you're lucky! Work with them and I guarantee you will find what you are looking for! Thank you Foxtek!

    Benjamin Barreto
  • Lewis helped me find a great role and I really enjoyed working together with him. Throughout the process Lewis was organized and communicated clearly. He knows the industry well and was able to connect me with standout companies that I had not been able to find on my own. If you are looking for a new tech job in the Netherlands, I couldn't think of a better person to reach out to.

    Timothy Vernon
  • Tom Page was the recruiter I worked with in Foxtek Recruitment. Tom is the best recruiter in the Netherlands hands-down. He's straight-forward and does his job with excellence. A lot of recruiters pester you and do not listen to you. I told him my wishes and what I was looking for, and Tom handled it like a champ. He landed my job at my new company which saw a 50% increase in my salary! I'm incredibly happy with my current job and I owe it to Tom. The process was speedy. Tom possesses what so many recruiters lack: "Common Sense”. He treated me like a professional and never once did he waste my time. He only gave me meaningful status updates and gave me jobs that were uniquely tailored to my wishes. Thank you Tom & Foxtek!

    Janine Amelie Lourens
  • David Arkinstall of Foxtek helped me find and land a great role at a fun and impressive company. During the process, he managed everything well and frequently updated me of any developments. I really liked his communication style and the way he was involved to make things happen. Above all, although I have never met him personally, he seems to be a really nice guy and is an examplar of a good recruiter. Thank you David!

    Daniël Schreij
  • Tom and Foxtek were amazing. Genuinely better than any other recruiter I worked with before. They found the exact positions I asked for and consistently found new things I found interesting. Tom was always pleasant, clear, respectful, and professional. They treated my time like it was valuable and were exceptionally honest and transparent. Great experience with a really good team.

    David Stephenson
  • Tom was my Tech Recruiter and helped me find my first job in Netherlands. Working with Tom was a pleasure. Very friendly, professional, supportive and quick to respond. You can feel that he has your back and it shows. He helped me find exactly the kind of company I was looking for. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tom if you are looking for a new position. Thank you Tom for all your help and support!

    Rustam Eynaliyev
  • Tom (Baker) is very hard working and will work until 11PM for you if necessary. He is very honest and direct in his communication style, ensuring efficiency in conversation but also takes his time if you need more explanation. I got my first freelance gig through him and he was helpful in assisting me with everything I needed to know.

    Kalle Lundfall
  • At Tjuna we have been working with Tom for nearly one year. Tom provided at least 3 very suitable Freelance Developers with the required skillsets. Tom is good at understanding what our needs are and acts towards these goals. He asks the questions that matter to get the information that he needs to find the right candidate for us. He is helpful and his way of working fits our organisation very well. The advantages of working with Tom are that he delivers (quickly if needed), he asks a fair price for this and he is not pushy. What we need, we get. Apart from his professional skills, Tom is a very kind person I would definitely get in touch with again

    Christine Coops