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Connect with top freelance talent in the Netherlands for flexible growth solutions. Enjoy seamless collaboration, high-quality candidates, and tailored expertise.


Dedicated specialists

Work with specialist consultants who are experts in your field.


Tailored solutions

Whether you’re filling a gap or building a project team, we match your needs with the right freelance talent.


High-quality candidates

Tap into our community of the best freelance talent, perfectly aligned with your requirements.


Quick turnaround

Deep market knowledge + extensive Foxtek freelance community = super fast turnaround


Let us handle the details externally while you focus on success. Experience a seamless freelance journey with our expert assistance

  • 01.

    Vision alignment

    We’ll find the perfect match from our extensive network of skilled freelancers.

  • 02.

    Candidate screening

    Thoroughly screen candidates based on experience, portfolio, and skills.

  • 03.

    Shortlist the best

    Present a shortlist of top candidates for you to interview and choose from.

  • 04.

    Interview & select

    Present a shortlist of top candidates for you to interview and choose from.

  • 05.

    Sign contracts

    Work out terms, finalise contracts, billing and establish clear expectations.

  • 06.

    Project launch

    The exciting phase begins! Freelancer starts working on your project.

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freelancer feedback:

“My experience with Foxtek met all expectations. The process was very easy and I just had to show up to interviews”

“Everybody was very friendly and honest with me. My goal was finding a job in a scale up company in Amsterdam. Foxtek found companies that matched my expectations perfectly. The whole process was managed very professionally.”

“I recommend them 100%. Similarly, If you are a company. They really make sure that you are a developer with high standards and can prove seniority. Companies with such value are hard to find.”

live freelance jobs:


client stories:

Foxtek is the go to place for finding the best talent out there, fast. They have a great network of professionals we can always reach. They’re fast, effective, and always up for the task. They’re one of the best recruitment agencies I’ve worked with

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