5 questions to ask yourself before considering your next freelance move

September 26, 2023


One of the first lessons that every junior recruiter learns is how to separate someone who is genuinely available for a new role, and someone who is just curious to hear what’s out there. This is particularly relevant in the freelance world🌎

However, with the introduction of tech tests and multi-stage interviews, is it really worth exploring until you’re ready?

Here are some of the common filters we use to figure out whether it’s actually time for you to move on👇

My contract finishes at the end of next month.”📆

  • Okay, but would you accept an extension if you were offered one?
  • If the answer is yes, your first port of call should be to speak to your recruiter or your line manager about an extension.

“I have just started a new role and it isn’t living up to my expectations.”🥱

  • Have you discussed this with your manager yet? We often find that just delivering this feedback will lead to positive action.

“I’d like some more money.”🤑

  • Start with WHY? Is that extra €5/hour worth rolling the dice and leaving a role you enjoy? Too often I hear candidates say “recruiters are calling me up and offering €€€”. Is that just to de-stabilise you, or is it a concrete job offer?

“When I joined, the role was remote, but now they are talking about going back to the office.”📍

  • This has been very common in the last 12-months, but I haven’t seen many examples of it being firmly enforced. Before taking drastic measures, try to get some clear timescales with your line manager.

“I’m looking to find something more interesting.”💡

  • Are you clear on what more interesting looks like? Take some time to draw up some criteria about what interesting actually means.  Once you’ve done this, you can communicate it to recruiters that you trust and avoid jumping into another mundane role.

Hope this helps🤝

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