How much attention do you give to your Github?

September 26, 2023


Developers – How much attention do you give to your Github?

I speak to more & more companies who use Github as a way to judge a candidate’s relevance & skills, sometimes even before an initial interview.

This means you could be discounted before you even get a chance to speak to a future employer!

An untidy github can lead to hiring managers asking certain questions;

‘Would they code in this way if they worked for my company?’

So before starting a job search, I recommend making some amendments here:

– Take a look at your recent github projects; How clear is the code & formatting? Have a tidy up here.

– Add ReadMe files to projects to give more context; were you experimenting with a new technology? What else would you have added/changed if you had more time?️
– Are things looking a little quiet in terms of recent repo’s? Add any projects you’ve left off or even better, create new ones with the skills you aim to use in your next job!

Remember, first impressions are super important!

So, I suggest treating your github just like your CV – keep it up to date and presentable to give yourself the best chance at landing your next role!

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