What does a GOOD benefits package look like to you?

September 26, 2023



Recently I put together a Poll posing a question;

What is the MOST important thing developers look for when considering new opportunities?

I asked you answered.

There was an apparent outcome telling me what’s most important to developers.

36% of you said it’s being able to attain the BEST Salary & Benefits package possible.

So for a scale-up trying to stand out from the crowd, it’s critical to offer a package that makes a developer feel valued!

I guess Salary speaks for itself… BUT I appreciate not all companies have the same budgets, so other scale-ups need to get inventive.

What else can be offered as an alternative to salary, that still makes a package attractive to the talent companies seek?

I’ve seen a lot of different approaches including;

– Education budgets
– Company holidays
– Travel / Car allowances
– Home Office Budgets

These really do help, but I feel they’re not always unique and attractive enough to make an impact.

I want to hear from my community once more though; What OTHER benefits can companies offer that turn the heads of top talent?

Which benefits are the most attractive to you? Why are most important?

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