Why Should You Become a Freelancer?

September 26, 2023


Why Should You Become a Freelancer?

I’d like to discuss the benefits of working as a freelance developer, based on conversations I’ve had with developers over the last few months…

As I’m sure many developers are aware, there’s a huge market for Freelancers right now.

With that comes a lot of opportunities…

  • Flexibility- Having more choice on working hours 32 or 40 (getting that 3-day weekend in!)
  • Financial- You’ll get a large increase in your pay!
  • Experience- You can have roles in different sectors, start-up/scale-up companies, varying projects
  • Technology- Able to try out different technologies for each project- maybe you want a D3.js project on your CV?
  • Holiday- With freelance projects you have the opportunity to work full-time for 3/6 months and then take as much time off as you want before your next role…

What advice would you give someone considering the move into freelance, is it worth the risk?

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